Tejas (tejasd) wrote,

More Drivel

I've been trying out various blogging clients today.

First I tried out Blokkal. It's the blog client I just want to like. It's pretty integrated with KDE, down to querying Amarok for songs. This I guess is pretty good for people who have a number of blogs, as it keeps track of all of them.

Then I downloaded and installed Chota by Kushal Das. Unfortunately, it doesn't have support for LiveJournal (yet at least). But screenshots show that it's looking pretty good!.

Finally, I just did a `yum search blog`and picked up on Drivel. It's a GNOME thing :p, but it's still pretty cool. Nice syntax highlighting for HTML tags. Using this to post now

Another Livejournal only client I saw was KLuJe, which is another KDE one. It's pretty cool, nice and small. No syntax highlighting though :(

Anyone else have any recommendations for a blog client?

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